Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

“To Share God’s Salvation with Everyone!”

Emmanuel means God with us

Where God is there is forgiveness and eternal salvation. Our purpose at Emmanuel Lutheran Church is to reconcile man to God by delivering forgiveness from the cross of Christ to the penitent sinner.

God delivers forgiveness through Word and Sacrament as Jesus says, “My Word has made you clean.” We receive the Word of God through liturgy, preaching, Sacraments, and hymn which not only bestow on us eternal life, but also connect us with the universal church throughout the ages.

So, if you desire to escape the pressures, worries, fears and uncertainties of modern life, then break out of the superficial, self-centered, commercialized world and enter into the transcendent and sublime presence of God to receive His forgiveness and peace. Our liturgical service joins us with God at Emmanuel, God with us, and pulls us together into the universal body of Christ which transcends all boundaries of time and nationality, making us part of a greater whole, joining us to the eternal song of worship in heaven.


 – Rev. Michael Graham

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  1. I got my money’s worth Dec 25! It was a nice surprise to be able to print your 4-page sermon. I notice that one has the choice to listen instead, on a podcast. Folks with limited computer time at the Library can’t really do that option; I am glad I can get yours in printed form. One of my science sites offers only spoken word and I’ve not gotten completely through a single one; my guess is those subjects they do not want printed and distributed for free. Happy New Year!

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