Reaction to Supreme Court Decision

This week, the Board of Elders adopted a resolution to respond to the recent action by the U. S. Supreme Court to approve of same-sex marriages.  A special service of prayer has been scheduled for July 19, at 3:30 pm at Emmanuel to pray for our nation, political leaders, the various branches of government, and the fallout over the Supreme Court decision.  A statement will be developed concerning where Emmanuel stands on the same-sex marriage issue.  A special meeting will also be held in the near future of interested people to discuss the planning of an outward vision in Aurora to further the spread of the gospel.  Over the next few months community forums will be held to address specific moral issues in our society.  A book club might also be formed to study the literature available on several moral challenges in our society.  We must PRAY, PRESERVE what we still have, PARTICIPATE by electing morally conscientious people to office, and ACT to bring the light of the Gospel of forgiveness and salvation to those living in spiritual darkness. 

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