Pipe Organ Repair Fund

“Next to theology, I accord to music the highest place and the greatest honor,” Martin Luther said.  Within the Lutheran tradition, the wedding of the Word of God to melody was modeled by the reformer himself.  Martin Luther had high regard for music and urged the Church to use it wisely as a vehicle for proclaiming the Gospel.  This heritage of word and song has been highly valued throughout the history of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.  In every age God blesses His people by raising up hymn writers who have honed their craft to create rich expressions of praise making the Lutheran Musical Heritage among the richest and finest music in the history of the world.

The Voters’ Assembly authorized the Board of Trustees to sign a contract with AB Pipe Organ Service for repairs needed on our Pipe Organ.  To help meet the cost of these repairs, the Voters’ Assembly approved establishing an “Organ Repair Fund”.  This special fund will conclude at the end of this year.  Monies not raised by this fund will come from the General Memorial Fund.

There are four items to be covered under this repair.  The first is the power supply.  This unit was from the original pipe organ which was installed in 1925.  It no longer provides the regulated power that the organ needs.

The second item is the Trumpet Wind Chest.  The valves that turn the air on and off to each individual pipe have deteriorated and need to be replaced.

The third item is the 16 foot Subbass Pipes which reside in the bell tower.  These pipes from the original organ are wood and have deteriorated to the point that some no longer play.

The last item is the Console.  When the organ was rebuilt in 1978, only a portion of the console was converted to solid state.  The key contacts, stop keys and combination remained from the old console.  These items have now deteriorated to the point that service people are reluctant to work on them.

The cost for these repairs is $48,814.  We currently have over $12,000 in this fund.  Please consider a special offering and memorials for this fund so that this instrument can continue to assist us in our worship for years to come.  Mail gifts to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 550 Fourth Ave., Aurora, IL 60505, Attn: Organ Repair Fund.

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