Dear Church, My Plea

Dear Church, My Plea
We don’t want modernity.
We don’t want your empty promises.
We don’t want your self-help sermons.
We don’t want to find security inside of ourselves.
Stop telling me that Christ needs my commitment.
Stop telling me that I’m good.
Stop giving me a new law to keep.
Stop idolizing youth.
Stop dumbing down the message.
Stop sugar-coating truth.
Stop feeding me donuts.
I need His body and blood.
Point me not to a prayer.
Point me to His Word.
Teach me His promises.
Teach me His Law.
Tell me I can’t keep it.
Tell me He fulfilled it.
I am a sinner. Just like you.
You tell me what to do.
& leave out what’s been done.
Care not about my entertainment.
Care about His message rightly proclaimed.
You give me a purity ring.
I need armor.
I need this message of reconciliation.
I need Christ crucified for sinners.
This news is good.
This Word brings life.
Rebuke this moralism.
Rebuke this mysticism.
If moralism is the message,
I don’t need Jesus.
If mysticism is the message,
I’ll get high on something else.
I’m done with this pretending.
I need solid food.
If my best life is now, I’m going to hell.
I don’t care about Friday.
I don’t care about feelings.
I’m a sinner like you.
I need Christ.
He brings life.
This fake smile’s getting old.
My Sunday clothes are wearing thin.
My heart is growing numb.
I’m broken by sin.
I need conviction from the Law.
& healing from the Lord.
My strivings are futile.
The Law leaves me condemned.
Please talk about sin.
Let your message be bloody.
Place the cross in the center.
For Christ, He alone is worthy.

– Written by a student of the University of Arkansas
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